Balance and Shipping Confirmation


Thank you for being an early supporter!


After a redesign, we have the final version in production and starting to ship Aluminum Handle option in the next eight to ten weeks. The Triple Black Option will ship within 3 months, and the Wood Handle Option is no longer available and you will be receiving the aluminum handled knife 


To pay your balance, and select the handle option, please choose your options by clicking the link below:

If you pre-ordered more than one, make sure to verify the amount of knives you are paying the balance on before check out. 

***As a verification, please enter your original order number  in the notes section on the page along with the proper shipping address if that is different than the billing address.***


The aluminum handle option will ship to you in approx. 8-10 weeks, The Triple Black Option will ship within 3 months,and if you chose the wooden handle option, They are delayed  indefinitely and you will receive the aluminum handled knife. You will receive the tracking number via email once it ships.